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find your words
meredevachon wrote in findyourwords
Writers write.

Sounds simple, right? Until you're staring at the blank page or blinking cursor in front of you, that is. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, a little accountability, to get the words... some words... any words flowing.

That's what findyourwords is all about, and it's almost as simple as writers write.

- Join the comm. The posts will be members only, so if you don't join, there's no way for us to track your progress.
- Set a goal. How many words do you want to write in '09?
- Got a non-word count goal? Are timed exercises more your thing? Want to write every day? Want to finish your novel? You can tell us about that too (although we won't be tracking these).
- Status posts will be made once a week. Comment with how much you've written since the previous status post, and we'll keep up with your totals.

Sign-ups close 31 january 2009, 11:59 PM PST

Prompt posts will be made a couple of times a week with pictures, words, lyrics, quotes, etc., to inspire your muse and help you find your words. If you've got ideas for prompts, let us know.

We may also have smaller (and completely optional) challenges throughout the year, so keep an eye out.

See the profile page for the (currently very short) FAQ. Got other questions? Suggestions on how to make the comm better? Want to know how you can help out? Comment to this post.

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Hi! Just signed in, and set my words goal.

the goal spreads on about for stories (all RPS fics) how does the tracking works? coz it's not that clear here?

Every week a mod will make a status post. You'll comment with how many words you've written towards your goal in the past week (or since the last time you posted a word count) no matter if it's on one story or many. We'll keep track of everybody's totals.

There will be more details about tracking and how to post word counts soon, and the instructions will be on every status post.

A quick question for you. *g*

I've just realised there's going to be a couple of (possibly 3 or 4) times during the year where I'm not going to be able to get to a computer to post weekly totals, even thought I'm still planning on writing during those times. How do you want to handle the multiple week thingy?

Caroline - the oh awkward one *g*

Re: A quick question for you. *g*

I'll probably start including this info in the status posts from now on (I figured it was less of an issue during the first week as nobody would have missed one yet), but here's the short version of the answer.

Missing a week is no problem. A) I'm going to leave the status posts open for a week, so if you get access before the next post goes up, you comment then with your total, even if it's several days after I posted. B) If you miss a week's post completely, then you'll post in the current status post however many words you've written since the last time you commented, even if that's been weeks/months. We won't break it down any further than that.

Make sense?

Re: A quick question for you. *g*

*nods* yep that makes sense. :-)

Thank you!

What if you complete your goal halfway through and want to up it? :-/

Per this post: If you would like to change your word committment (up OR down), you can do so an unlimited number of times through the end of January. After January 31st, however, you will only be allowed to change your word count ONE TIME (up or down).

If you would like to change your goal, you may do so for now in the post I've linked. After January, we'll probably make a new post solely for goal changes that will be linked in the user info & via tags.

Hello! I just signed up, and I have one quick question.

When the next stat post goes up, can I include what I've already written in January, or should I only post what I've written since joining the com?

You can include whatever you've written in January, either waiting for the next stat post to go up on Thursday, or as long as the current stat post is open you could put what you wrote before this week in that one, and then when the new post goes up, put this week's writing separate. (I'm kind of braindead at the moment, so if that doesn't make sense, the short answer is YES)

But you should definitely count what you've written all this month.

Ok, cool, that's what I thought, but I figured I'd ask just to make sure =)


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