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Find Your Words

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a 2014 writing challenge
Writers write.

Sounds simple, right? Until you're staring at the blank page or blinking cursor in front of you, that is. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, a little accountability, to get the words... some words... any words flowing.

That's what findyourwords is all about, and it really is as simple as writers write:

- Join the comm.
- Set a goal. How many words do you want to write in 2014?
- Got a non-word count oriented goal? Are timed writing exercises more your speed? Want to write every day? Want to finish your novel? You can tell us about that too (and we won't be tracking these).
- Status posts will be made on Tuesdays. Comment with how much you've written since the previous status post, and we'll keep up with your totals.

Sign-ups are now closed for 2014.

If you know of any writing challenges - bigbangs, fic bingos, etc - please tell us so we can share!


What can you write?
Original fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction (including those papers for school you students should be working on :D ), poetry, screenplays, songs, etc.

What about [insert type of writing here: e.g., RP, blogging, etc.]?
Do you think it should count toward your writing goal for the year? Then it counts. Did you set your goal based on certain kinds of writing and now you think counting something else would be cheating? Then don't count it. You set your goal, and you're the only one who can say how many words you wrote. And the whole point of the challenge is that writers write. It's not a competition - it's a self-challenge with a support group. So if you wrote it, and you think it counts... then it counts.

Does it have to be something begun in 2014?
Nope. Now the perfect time to dust off that Big Bang you got stuck on and never finished. Or the NaNo that broke 50K before the story was over that you may/may not have even looked at in December. You can't count the words written before 2014 towards your total, but anything new you add is words you didn't have before and that does count.

How much do I have to write?
That's up to you. You set your goal for the year. The minimum goal is 35,000 words, which is less than 100 words/day. You can do that, right? Other than that, the sky's the limit.

What if I want to change my goal?
You can change your goal ONCE (either increase or decrease) between now and the end of the year. Just leave a comment on the final goal post (which will be up the end of January or possibly the beginning of February) with your new target.

How will the comm verify your word counts?
We won't. We're on the honor system here. If you say you wrote, we'll believe you. But how does it help to say you wrote a bajillion words if you really haven't? The challenge only works as well as you let it.

How can I show off all my lovely words once I find them? Do I even have to post anything?
You can comment with snippets or links to your writing on the weekly status posts, if you want to. The only thing you have to comment with is your word count.

Got questions? Suggestions on how to make the comm better? Want to know how you can help out? Drop us an email and let us know.
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